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I was fortunate to be born and raised in the greater Miami area, and then even more blessed when I was able to find gainful employment back here after going away to college.

My wife Laura is from the Orlando area, and we met in college in our senior year. Read On Added: | Category: Bisexual | Avg Score: 4.76 | Views: 32,462 | Words: 6,405 | Tags: bisexual gay_male cock_sucker cum raunchy convention beach | 9 Comments I fantaszie about sucking cock and end up sucking my neighbors at a glory hole and in our homes.

We were still in our mid-forties when our kids had grown up and were away at college.

With the kids out of the house, I accepted a long-overdue job promotion and transfer with my company to the Philadelphia area.

We grew up in the suburbs near Philadelphia, which has a sizeable Puerto Rican population, and we had a representative mix of Caucasian, black, and Latino friends.

My name is Ed, and this story takes place when I am forty-two years old and...

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t The weather and life-style in South Florida is envied by many people, especially those living in the colder climates.

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My wife Lindsay and I met in college and spent most of our married life together in Minneapolis.

My only saving grace is my intelligence and good grades.

In my senior year some of the popular, athletic guys befriended me and asked for my help with their studies. Read On Added: | Category: Bisexual | Avg Score: 4.45 | Views: 58,565 | Words: 5,686 | Tags: bisexual gay_male boss submissive humiliation interracial black | 3 Comments I met an overweight man in the park near my home and ended up sucking his huge cock and balls.

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